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Each month we'll bring you fresh information on how best to preserve those things that are important to you.  After Sunshine has performed our services, there are certain things that you can do to prolong your most recent treatment.  This month we highlight deck maintenance...

Many decks are made of pressure treated pine. Good quality treated pine will last thirty years or so before there is any substantial decay. However, discoloration and splintering can begin after only a few months. For this reason, most people take on a regular cycle of maintenance. Failure to do so won't cause your deck to rot, but your deck will most certainly become discolored and the surface will become rough and prone to splinters.

Do New Decks Need to be Sealed?

Yes. To ensure that the deck continues to look good with minimal splintering and discoloration, the deck should be sealed as soon as it becomes stabilized within its environment. This usually means waiting a few weeks after the deck is completed before sealing.  Feel free to call Sunshine, we'll be happy to do the sealant for you.

What Will Happen to a Poorly Maintained Deck?

Many people never treat and seal their decks. Untreated decks don't fall down or rot away quickly. Nothing dramatic happens. They will simply get dirty and the surface will become much rougher much sooner. Splinters are a common problem with wood decks. Another hazard is slick surfaces. Much of the "dirt" we see on a poorly maintained deck is actually living organisms. Just like the algae and moss that grow on rocks next to a stream, the organic material growing on a deck can make the deck very slippery when wet. Cleaning and sealing a deck kills, removes, and slows the return of organic build-up.

What Type of Maintenance is Recommended?

Approximately once a year, the deck should be checked for loose boards and protruding nails, thoroughly cleaned, and resealed. Cleaning involves the removal of dirt, algae, moss, and other organic matter. Resealing is accomplished applying a clear or semi-clear liquid sealant to all exposed surfaces. You can do any of these tasks yourself if you are so inclined or you can contact Sunshine, we'll be happy to take sare of this for you.

What is Good Deck Maintenance?

Simply put, if you wouldn't leave it on your family room floor, don't leave it on your deck.  Leaves especially can cause harm by breaking down the water resistance prematurely, always keep your deck free of debris by sweeping regularly.


The process begins with clearing the deck of furniture, toys, etc. Then cover fragile plants. Next, sweep deck free of large debris. Check carefully for loose boards and nails that stick up. Make any necessary repairs. Before beginning the cleaning process, make sure no children have access to the area.

Cleaning Products

Beacuse some cleaning products can be harmful to children and ornamentals we recommend that you not use them.  If your deck has become worn enough to justify their use, CALL SUNSHINE.  Otherwise, after sweeping simply hose your deck down to loosen and free any residual dirt.